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Stacy Keibler Shows Off Bikini Bod

I hate her and her gorgeous body.  grrrrrr

Stacy Keibler Shows Off Bikini Bod.


New Year’s is for Amateurs

Or so says the Frug. Only started saying this once our NYE babysitter supply dried up! 😉 Who’s doing something scandalous and fun??????!  The Frug and I are taking the kiddies for Mexican then watching the ball drop while we quietly get drunk. Glam time! 😉

Christmas “Vacation” by the Numbers

10 – hours in the car, roundtrip
9 – people in a tiny shoebox house
4 – dogs in said house
2 – vomiting dogs
3 – number of times I wanted to stab know-it-all teen nephew
5.5 – hours of sleep for the Frug due to evil pull-out sofa bed
10 – hours of sleep for me due to copious amts of ‘zin
16 – Advils taken (over a 4 day period)
50 – number of Christmas cards ordered
73  – number of Christmas cards needed
6 – gifts received that were UNEXPECTED! grrr
$100 – 2 nights of boarding for Otis
2,000 – approx. # of calories taken in before noon on 12/27
0 – amount of exercise from 12/24 thru 12/28
6 – days until kids go back to school