Who Is Megan Fox’s Mystery Sex Partner No. 2?

Bitch please. Megan ‘Blow Job Lips’ Fox claims she has slept with 2 guys. Bullshit. TWO?  She’s with David from 90210 so I would imagine he is one of the ‘two’…and she claims to have had a childhood sweetheart. Come on. Such craziness. And, there is that nasty rumor that she did the dirty with my main man, Robert. *whispers ‘please don’t let that be true’*  Anyway, there is no way in hell an actress *cough* has only slept with 2 guys.  But even if that were true?  STFU about it. Yeesh.

This is all reminding me of when my other Hollywood ‘nemesis’ Angelina Jolie tried to say she had only slept with 4 guys. She’s been married 3 times and is now sucking the lifeblood out of former hottie Brad Pitt. So, count ’em, FOUR.  Bitch PLEASE.

Why do they a) LIE b) keep TMI-ing c) think we care???

Who Is Megan Fox’s Mystery Sex Partner No. 2?.


6 thoughts on “Who Is Megan Fox’s Mystery Sex Partner No. 2?

  1. OK…mystery sex partner #2 was……me.

    shh…dont tell…..I’m not proud of doing that slutty litte thing….

    EWW. If RPatz did her…he’s forever gone from my fantasyland.


  2. Angelina has probably slept with more women than men.

    I am with Hope on Rpatz…say it isn’t so!! He is “dead to me”!!

    You looked awesome at the prom! No fried hair, and beautiful dress and amazing necklace!!!

    • Sigh, stop being nice to me!

      You may be right about Angelina – slept w/more women than men. Yuck all around tho.

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