OMG, again!

I posted the article about Kelly Osbourne, the one saying ‘You’re Either a Skank or You’re Not’…I saw the link to Ted’s article on Twitter and I ‘shared’ it and then I sent him a ‘tweet’:

@theawfultruth I have just fallen in love w/Kelly Osbourne

(because, hello, have truer words ever been spoken??  A skank is a skank, baby.)

Then, I just logged on and found that he sent this to me:

@theawfultruth @kelysuperficial I know, kinda like how she put it, pretty bluntly

Yeah, so Ted from EOnline and I are obviously a) tight and b) besties b/c this is the 2nd time he’s replied!

I know, I know…I’m crazy…but I live for this stuff…and you’ll see why when I make my next post about the Frug and his Spring Cleaning from HELL…


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