Hello, My Superficial Sisters!

Wanted to warn you ahead of time about my posting slackness for this week…however, due to my ADD and general sloth, this announcement was delayed until Wednesday…typical! lol

This week is a hellacious one…8’s 1st Communion is this coming Saturday…small family party to plan…2 spring concerts (8 and 11 on different nights – ‘for my convenience’, right?)…2 kids’ doctor appts…nephew coming to town to stay for a FEW WEEKS(!) (the Frug thinks said nephew will be ‘helpful’ and clean up after himself, etc…this boy is from MY side of the family…c’mon…no chance in HELL that he’ll do anything other than eat junk food and leave his wrappers stuffed in the couch for us to find in July)…all day event for 8’s 2nd grade class on Thurs. that I’m helping with (not in charge this time around, TFG)…kids need ‘dress-up clothes’ which is fun w/a 11 yr old who now wants to look like he’s in some horrible Jersey Shore-esque music video…I need something to wear, which is always a challenge (age- and church-appropriate, not Old Whore-ish, yet stylish, and doesn’t make me look fat, AND is Frug-Budget-Approved, kwim?)…I need serious grooming (the April, impeccable pre-vacation grooming is a distant memory)…what am I forgetting??

*deep sigh* and this is all on top of our regularly scheduled program of school, gym (yes, I am still trying to get to the gym despite my mounting To-Do list! Proud of that at least!), 2 OT sessions and 1 speech for 8…homework help (btw, is 43 math problems appropriate for 2nd grade? 43?!?!), dog walking, house cleaning (ha!), laundry, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, I know most of you do all of the above AND work full time jobs…so, I’m sure you’re not feeling too sorry for me!  If I live through this week without killing myself, getting a speeding ticket or locking my keys in my car, it’ll be a miracle 😉

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One thought on “Apologies

  1. Ha! I feel the same way! I am even having stress dreams. (forgetting shoes on a trip, missing homework assignments etc) I woke up sweating! I have tons of grays, shrek toes and an old dress to wear this weekend. ugh.
    I’m with ya sista! I can’t wait for the week to be over!!!

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