To Jort or not to Jort

According to the Urban Dictionary, jorts are:

“worn mostly by children and douchebags”…”often worn by the fashion illiterate” and “Possibly the ugliest article of clothing one can wear”…”Usually worn by people who do not have friends, because a true friend would tell you that you look like a faggot.”


The question is, are jorts only that awful if they’re worn by men?  Because I think they’re kind of cute for women…the right wash, the right length, etc., of course. Am I wrong???

Wondering if jorts have been completely ruined by Jacob and his lupine friends in New Moon?  Sort of like how Jon Gosselin ruined the Ed Hardy brand simply by being photographed wearing it??

Douche Wear...

(seriously, google “Jon Gosselin, Ed Hardy and douche” — I got 450,000 results!)  Here’s one article about how he’s ruined that brand…

So, thoughts on jorts?? ‘Cause I’m thinking about maybe getting a cute pair of boyfriend jorts…stop me if this is going to be yet another fashion disaster for me…


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