Parents are in Epic FAIL

Ah, children. Adorable angels all. Your children are. Mine? Well, right now they are making Ferberizing and potty training look like a walk in the park…the mental and emotional challenges are really sucking the life out of me. And AGING me, damnit.  But that’s another bitchfest or another time.

11’s latest verbal salvo?  “All my friends think you two are the meanest parents EVER!” and the usual “You never let me have ANYTHING! I never get anything I want!” I’m sure no child on the planet has ever uttered those words before, right? lol  I thought of all kinds of delightful comebacks to include: “You want MEAN?  I’ll give you mean!” and the classic “I’ll give you something to cry about, Mister!” and silently “Are you f*cking kidding me???” But mostly I just wanted to LAUGH in his face. He was silently crying into his spaghetti, dripping snot…face looking like Edward Munch’s Scream

My parents are so MEAN!

And why?  Why was the most precious 11 year old known to mankind crying?  What had we denied him?  He wanted to buy a refurbished XBox 360, loaded with “free” (read: pirated) games from some guy with an ad he found on Craigslist or something…Now, the Frug is a cheap mofo but even he believes in buying electronics from a reputable source…and NEW even 😉  11 just couldn’t believe it.

Believe it, pally.  Go cry in your room with your Macbook, your Ipod Touch, your PSP…if that’s too boring, go play on the Playstation or the Wii.  Poor baby. *scowls*


2 thoughts on “Parents are in Epic FAIL

  1. Hang tough, mama. I have told my kids 1000 times: “If I’m not the meanest mother in America, I’m not doing my job.” And we didn’t have a video game of any kind – handheld, attached to the TV, or otherwise – until Christmas of 2008, when Oldest Daughter was nearly 14. Now that we have a Wii and a bunch of crap to go with it, they never play with it.

  2. EXACTLY. Nothing gets played with. Makes me CRAZY. *sighs* Can I compete with you for Meanest Mother??

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