I know, I know, another Twi Post

Forgive me, for I have Twilighted you to death this week! lol Here’s the new Bella poster:

Total Bitch Brow

So, let’s examine, shall we? What is UP with her eyebrows?  Way too thin…and her left brow (on the right as you look at it) is much higher than the other.  Maybe that’s on purpose?  Really looks like she’s giving someone the Bitch Brow. Aka the WTF brow. Or the ‘I’ll Cut a Bitch’ brow.  Regardless, Bella looks tres fierce.  Like ‘don’t try to kiss me, Jacob or I’ll punch you in your lupine jaw’ lol

The wig looks good here. In some of the clips it looks frizzy and so fake. Hope her real hair is grown out for Breaking Dawn. The wigs have been Utter FAIL in this franchise, doncha think?


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