Memorial Day Weekend is upon us!

And I say scream WOOT!  It’s been less than 2 months since we went to Mexico and yet it feels like 2 years! When is this school year going to be OVER?!!?!?!?!?!?! (please shriek that sentence)

We’re spending the long weekend with my SIL Susan and BIL Terry at the beach. *jumpy claps*  CANNOT WAIT. I, of course, won’t be getting in the ocean *shudders* or the pool (not til July when the water temp is acceptable!) but my a$$ still needs to don a bathing suit in public. Downside to the beach right there. *growls*  So, I got another airbrush tan today!  Gotta tan what cannot be worked off at the gym, right?!  Dark colors minimize! (mantra alert)  Went straight to carpool after the spray tan…tried to avoid people but Tanya found me! So embarrassing to be greasy and fauxorange…it was in my hair and I just know I smelled like the tanning solution (which they say doesn’t smell but c’mon, everyone knows it stinks!)

Anyway, am now “tan” and need to pack and get the heck outta dodge…hope to see some Sea Hags at the beach! *whispers* shit, I think I may still look like one despite my master plan from last fall…*sighs*

If you want my deep thoughts on tanning as well as the deets on my airbrush tanning experience, click here!


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