Robert Pattinson Was on ‘90210’?

Hellooooooo Hotness! Not sure what Jason Priestley looks like now but I freaking LOVED him as Brandon Walsh.  Dylan was all bad boy cool (which I find incredibly appealing) but there was that Shar Pei wrinkly eight-head of his that got in the way of his hotness, kwim?

My man, Robert Pattinson, is looking 50 Shades of F*ckhot in all the pix that are coming off the set of his new flick, Water for Elephants. Side note: the acronym for the movie on Twitter is WFE. I see it and think ‘What the F*ck Ever’…which may not be what the movie dudes were hoping for…j/s.

Robert Pattinson Was on ‘90210’?.


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