Clairsonic Opal

Has anyone heard of this? I’ve heard of the skin cleaning ones but this one is for ANTI-AGING!

look at the adorable packing!!!!

It’s only available at Sephora…says it’s anti-aging and hydrating – especially for around the eyes!  I wonder how I could become a tester for this? It’s $250 and I know that’s not Frug-Approved. *ponders*


2 thoughts on “Clairsonic Opal

  1. I have the skin cleaning version and love it. Didn’t know that they had an anti-aging version.

    Most discuss with Damoan!!!

  2. We are excited to hear that you want to learn more about the Clarisonic Opal. We have some great Ratings & Reviews on our website and are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in reviewing the product please contact and they can help coordinate that with you. Follow us on Twitter too @Clarisonic for the latest and greatest in Sonic Skin Care. Hope this helps!

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