End of School! woot!

Everyone singing?  I love the last day of school…it’s just such a feeling of relief…and this past year has been a b*tch to say the very least..anyway, even our little Catholic school was rockin’ out to this yesterday:

Each year, we try to get a little gift for the kiddies for ‘graduating’ from that particular year of school…or just making it out alive as it were, kwim?  Master 11 has been working us HARD for the XBOX, as you know…he’s even been doing what Jim called ‘the assumptive close’…like on Friday,  when I said ‘so, what do you guys want to do this afternoon?’ his response was ‘well, after we set up the XBOX, I’ll be pretty busy’…and ‘oh, I need to sign up for this cool XBOX game club’ (really? Why? We don’t have one!!) As for 9?  The child doesn’t want anything…no toys, no games…just…vacuums. Kill.me.now. We, as a family, have several…and he has a few of his own!  (even a cute custom purple dustbuster from TLCMcR) And, the one he really wants is the Oreck XL 21 Signature (the signature is DAVID ORECK *squeal* lol) which is very $$$$ and ridiculous on many levels.


Sooooooooo, without further ado, I present to you the Gifts…

Satan’s Gaming System the XBOX 666

Yes, we caved. It’s a sad sad sad day. But, the Frug being, well, the Frug, he had 11 contribute $$ for it…something about teaching him about the value of a dollar and being responsible or something else in Greek that I didn’t understand.

And, 9?? *sighs*

Be still my heart

Yes, it’s the oh-so-cool Shark Pet Perfect. *hangs head in utter embarrassment* Little 9 has been literally removing handfuls of Otis’s fur , sprinkling it on the ground, and then vacuuming it up!  Ah, to be a kid again…*laughs*

I would have to classify this year’s end-of-school gifts as FAIL. The XBOX is a fail…as in Parenting Fail. ANOTHER gaming system? *sighs* And the Shark? Giving a kid with OCD a vacuum is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of booze for Christmas…

Happy Summer!


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