To Tina and Laurie…

…just wanted to say HEY! and that I hope it’s RAINING it’s sunny and you ladies are fighting like cats and dogs having a great time!  I also wanted you to know that I’m not at all over my petty jealousy and that I’m really irritated glad you two are so close.

I would imagine that you guys are snuggled in each other’s arms sipping red wine just coming back from the beach about now.  Yeah, not me. Just cleaned out the kitty’s litterbox and picked up 2 weeks of dog feces from the backyard. *sighs*  Don’t worry about me…I’ll be fine…you two just go on about your day *sniffles*…


5 thoughts on “To Tina and Laurie…

  1. When exactly did your title become “the best”? And just for the record, I like that you’re both “jealous”. Means you love me!

  2. I did mention to Tina that you would have been most happy if jack and I were stuck on the broken ferris wheel!!!!! Too bad u weren’t there to see Tina….she was quite rude and gave me the finger when I motioned that I needed to go get a cocktail while we waited for her to get down!!!

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