Out of the Mouths of Babes (?)

Ah, Grand Master 8. He is a happy little clam right now. 11 has left *sobs* for sleepaway camp and so 8 has us at his beck and call. God Help Us.

Here are some of the funny 8isms we’ve been treated to just in the last 24 hours.

8, watching me blow dry my hair for Date Night (the only time it happens, so it’s an EVENT! lol)

8: *grinning* and *staring*

Me: *drying hair* “What???”

8: “I’m just standing here waiting for you to blow me”

Me: *silent as inappropriate responses fly thru my head*

Today at the pool…8 was checking us out. Staring, as usual.

8: “Dad, lift up your arm”

Frug: *lifts arm dutifully*

8: eeuuuwwww! What do you have all that hair??” (note: the Frug, as one of his many many Good Points, does not actually have a ton of icky body hair)

Frug: “When you’re older, you’ll hair like this too”

8: *wrinkles nose*

8: “Mom? Why don’t you have hair under your arms?”

Me: “Well, I just shave it off”

8: *contemplates*

8:  “When I’m older, I’m gonna shave all my hair off my privates! All that hair would tickle me and I would just be laughing all day”

As part of his “At the Pool Rituals,” 8 takes a shower in the mens locker room at the end of our time there. Sent him in this afternoon…

8: *rushes over* “I am NOT taking a shower today!”

Me: “Why?”

8: “There is a NAKED MAN in there!”

Me: “So? It’s a group shower, just don’t look at him”

8: “Just so you know…”  *stage whispers* “the man has BUTT HAIR!”

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