A fine line between elation and despair

11 is at sleep away camp. My firstborn. My BABY. Sigh. He went to a friend’s lake house last summer for a few days but this is different. A FULL week, in another STATE, camping in the WOODS. With Boy Scouts. (they always get struck by lightning at their weird Jamboree things and all those boys together is sort of creepy, kwim?)

The packing for this camp was ridiculous. 7 days of clothing (shirt, shorts, undies, socks) all in individual ziplocks. All gear packed into plastic tubs. Fishing pole. Knife. Yes, knife. 11 year olds should have knives, right? (more on THAT later) They are sleeping in these little hut type things. 3 sides with a roof and then they use tarps to close them off or something? 100 degree heat, no a/c. I am dying just thinking of how hot and SMELLY they all must be.  Apparently, being unclean is ‘cool’ or at least sort of a right of passage?  I told him about ‘crotch rot’ (good mom) and how important showering and BRUSHING YOUR TEETH is. *sighs* He was rolling his eyes at me and saying he would shower and brush his teeth but I know he was just placating me.

Oh, and at this camp 3 years ago, the boys came home with LICE(!!!!!) and norovirus. I think I’d rather he get the norovirus. What’s a little pukey pukey? Lice are horrifying. *knocking on wood* We’ve never had lice here. *vigorous wood knocking*

So, the cat and dog are depressed. Fiona is holding a vigil in 11’s bed. Otis is laying outside his door in a heap, sighing loudly. 8 is full of joy, loving his only-child-ness. *groans* (just when I thought he couldn’t get any more demanding and needy)  Me? Well, part of me did a small jig as I dropped him off. Cutting the # of kids in half for a week is a good thing, right? Apparently NOT. I forgot that Master 11 can actually HELP me. For example, he unloads the dishwasher for me. Not a huge chore but it’s one less thing on my To-Do list. And, he walks the dog sometimes…and in this heat, having him take one of those walks would be really helpful *sighs*…and he is capable of folding laundry too. *whines* AND, he is helpful with 8. He fetches thing for him, helps him open the gate to the basement, checks on him in the pool shower/locker room, ETC. ETC.

Where is 11??!?!  I want him back!!!  I plan on smothering him with hugs and kisses on Saturday. Well, after he SHOWERS and BRUSHES those TEETH…and has been checked for LICE. *shudders*


2 thoughts on “A fine line between elation and despair

  1. If it makes you feel any better, Nick bunked with the big kids at lax camp and both boys learned a vocabulary that we had to google – of course, on second thought I should have just asked you! 🙂

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