More Deep Thoughts on the HEAT

No, no yeasty comments today. Well, not in this post!  I’m on a 2 shower a day plan right now…plus time in the pool. I realize I am a lucky person…not having to go to work (and wear ‘work clothes’ kwim?), having a/c (and the Frug is NOT frugal with the a/c! My man loves the cool air!), access to a pool, etc. Watched some of the ‘worker’ people at the mall yesterday…all the men in their long sleeved shirts and ties and long pants…thought about how yucky that must feel, having so many uncomfy clothes on.  Thankfully, it seems like no one has to wear panty hose to work anymore??  Is that true??  I don’t think I saw panty hose on any of the women…well, some old ladies (old ladies are now anyone who appears older than I am!) but none of the younger ones.

So, while I was taking shower #2 last night, I was thinking about ‘the old days’…before a/c. Before taking showers indoors was common…and how AWFUL those days must have been. The men in those itchy wool suits they wore…the women in those long skirts and ‘petticoats’…heck, even in the late 50s/early 60s (like Mad Men – which is coming back in a week or so!) the women wore panty hose and girdles and slips…ugh!!  I just think about how people must have smelled (not in the Mad Men days tho – they smelled like cologne and cigarettes and booze-lol)  I’m thinking more early 1900s and before that even…

Then my mind jumped to…People didn’t live as long then and there are all kinds of theories as to WHY. No vaccinations, accidents, plagues, etc.  I have another theory to posit. They smelled. Period. They couldn’t bathe (or just didn’t), they had all those clothes on, which were hot and made them sweat and smell more  AND they didn’t have huge wardrobes full of nice clean clothes to put on…no deodorant…SMELL SMELL SMELL. So, I think they actually died of SHAME.  Seriously. UGH.


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