I swear, the hair is WINNING!

and what I mean is I am losing the Battle of the Body Hair…F*ck me!  Just did the bi weekly brow-chin-‘stache waxing. The poor woman probably needs PT after how hard she had to work, spreading that wax, applying the cloth strips and repeatedly RIPPING it off…and it seemed like it was never going to be over. I have these stubborn blonde SPIKES of hair (esp. on the chin – thanks Mom) and they will not submit to the waxing…so then it’s more plucking…and she missed some patches of blondes so I had to have her go back and do more…jawline, ‘sideburns’, etc. *growls*

I would love it if I could just dip my whole body in hot wax and have ALL of the hideous hairs yanked out at one time. *sighs*


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