New Nail Polish Shade

Oh boy. Exciting topic this morning, eh? lol  I wore tons of dark polish last winter…Lincoln Park After Dark, Siberian Nights, I’m With Brad (opaque metallic wine over dark coffee), etc. I liked it on my nails as well as on the toes. Felt ‘chic’. Well, as chic as *I* ever can be 😉 In the summer, I usually wear a bright pink like La Paz-itively Hot, which has been my summer fave for YEARS:But, the bright pink…just not feeling it this summer…too perky and cute…not black like my soul (haha)…so, have been experimenting. Didn’t want a super dark polish…I tried You Don’t Know Jacques (and I snickered and added the unsaid ‘Sheet” which goes with You Don’t Know Jacques Sheet, right?) which is a darker taupey color…not quite right.  

Yesterday I got the hooves taken care of (but not the claws b/c the freaking face waxing took too long – again, Mom? Thanks for the furry genes)…chose Metro Chic (exclusively at Sephora aka Mecca)
It’s described as an “opaque dark smoke with a hint of purple”…it’s kinda perfect. It’s a deep shade but not DARK if that makes sense…and it’s NOT perky in any way.  More of a morbid shade?  Does that makes sense?  Thoughts?

On me, it’s not as gray as it appears in this pic. It’s got more of a purpley lilac thing going on next to my freckled Irish hide. (I won’t be photographing my horrible sausage toes for ya…You’re Welcome!)


One thought on “New Nail Polish Shade

  1. SO bizarre you posted this one today… i peek down at Lincoln Park After Dark on my tootsies… fav ….realizing that it’s GOTTA go considering it’s mid July and we’re 6 days away from flying to Mexico. Might be tryin your suggestion….unless ya think your fav pink is the better vaca shade……help !? xo

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