Must be those damn neighborhood kids…

Just a quick little note–insane couple of days here (can you hear my liver crying?) and I will be detailing my debauchery for your amusement soon…

Btw, Tina? This one’s for you!  Actually, for Michele too…she was the first person to tell me that one must blame the neighborhood kids for anything awful the children do, things *I* could never possibly have taught them…

At the pool the other day…more annoying people and their indisciplined hooligan children *growls* One liitle urchin was screaming for his brother, over and over “Thomas!” “THOMAS!!!!!”

8 was watching the screeching urchin curiously.

8 — “Mom? What is he saying?”

Me — “Thomas”

8 — “Oh, I thought he was saying ‘dumbass'”

Me — *stunned silence*

Damn neighborhood kids saying such a thing in front of my angel! *winks*

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