Hola, Superficial Sistahs!

And I’m BACK!

Have had a c-r-a-z-y week or 2! Had the Frug’s bday (age not to be disclosed), St. Michael’s (and the bed and breakfast f*ckery), beach (perfect!  seriously!), Robin and Wrench’s WEDDING weekend (more on that and my attire, etc. later)…now, getting Grand Master 8 ready to start his new school TOMORROW (yes, poor bunny is starting 3rd grade TOMORROW)…

Some random thoughts…

Despite my best efforts, the Sea Hag is never far away…I wore SPF 50 on my body and SPF 70 on my face…I wore a freaking HAT or a bandana (felt tres Brett Michaels lol) to cover my hair and keep it from getting too blonde…tried not to drink that much or eat that much and yet by the end of the week at the beach, I still saw hints o’ the Sea Hag looking back at me in the mirror!  Back off, Hag!  I’m fighting you!

Random thought #2…11 eats…a lot. It’s pretty damn expensive feeding him these days!  I remember my mom saying ‘just wait til he outgrows the Kids Menu’…and hello!  She was right!  He outgrew the concept of it well before he was too old to order from them. “OMG, MOOOOOOM! How embarrassing! What if someone sees me drinking from this stupid cup with a straw in it!????” (personally, I love the cute logo cups with straws at restaurants – perfect size for kiddie drinks and the lid and straw prevent them from spilling the entire thing all over the table. Hell, I want to use it!  Mama’s pink wine would go well in that!)  Anyway, the kid was ordering items like ‘Chesapeake Chicken’ which is a chicken breast with a crab cake on top (gee, only $22 for my 11 year old’s entree! Making me feel like the Frug cringing over the prices!)…one night, he ordered his lobster something or other from the adult menu and I ordered the ‘kids’ crab cake (just one crab cake and fries – again, perfect!)…he’s at the stage where he finishes his dinner and immediately starts foraging for more food…and he’s 5’6″ and weighs 108 lbs. Unfair! lol

And last thought before I have to go start my oh-so-fun day…the kids and their ‘names’…I have struggled with this…obviously can’t use their real names…and other people use such cute nicknames…Major and Minor, Mini, Thing One and Thing Two, Cutest, Baby Deux etc.  *sigh*  Was in bed the other night thinking about changing (and actually 11 with turn 12 – yikes!- next week!)  The Frug calls me Twilight sometimes (he says it with a mean edge to his voice so it’s not nice!) and we were calling 11 XBOX and 8 Vacuum, due to their ‘special interests’, but they don’t quite cut it. (and btw, the Frug was about to be renamed IPAD due to his OBSESSION with it but he is, and forever shall be, The FRUG!)


Okay, time to make the donuts…

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