A Big Day Here…

So, my poor angel started 3rd grade today in the new school. It’s our neighborhood school and it’s one block away.  It’s  going to be terrific for him.  BUT…being the new kid sucks.  I think being the new kid who is snot-sobbing on the first day is worse but that’s just my opinion!

We went out yesterday and got the First Day Outfit…first time in years that he’s not wearing a uniform…no tie, no lace up shoes, no belt, etc. He even got ‘cool’ navy blue superball sneakers (at his old school, sneakers were WHITE ONLY and lace up)  It was sort of surreal shopping for back-to-school clothes! (the Queen Shopper in me, long buried as the Frug demands, LOVED IT)  Also had to get School Supplies…his old school has a PTO program for it so I’m used to writing a check and the supplies magically appear on the child’s desk! So, the shopping part was quite good.

He had a million ?s about what to expect and I emailed them to the principal. She, in turn, emailed me back and said ‘come on over and we’ll talk’…8 and I were there yesterday, talking to the principal and his teacher and taking (another!) tour, for 1.5 hours!  The day before school starts! He seemed relieved to have his ?s answered but still decided to be an anxiety ridden mess last night and this morning.

We walked to school as a family (very sweet)…8 acted like it was the Bataan Death March…eyes filling up and face getting more puffy by the second…by the time we got into the MultiPurpose Room to find his classmates, he was full on crying. Clinging. Snotty. *sighs*

He was crying so hard that we didn’t get the standard First Day Photo.  The teachers took the kids to the classrooms but we didn’t go snoop and take a picture b/c I figured it would make it worse if he saw us, kwim??

*deep sigh*

I did get a call (voicemail) that he was ‘having a great day’ so I sure hope that’s true. I’ll find out at 3:30…*fingers crossed*

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One thought on “A Big Day Here…

  1. The other Tina said the day was a success – i’m so happy for my little buddy! Please tell him I think it is very cool that he is being so brave at a new school and that he is meeting new friends. Tell him I also want to know what kind of cleaning products they use 🙂

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