In other news…

I have a new phone!  Squee!  Yes, I just posted a while back about my new IPhone and started using the WordPress app to write!  So happy…but…dun dun dun…

(back story)

A few weeks ago, the Frug got the new IPhone 4. I, in turn, got his older 1st generation IPhone.  Yes, it was 3 years old, but I seriously  It was such an upgrade from my previous phone that I was GIDDY!  Got some apps for it, including WordPress so I could blog on the go, which is uber important since I am so important *giggles*. Cut to Weds. of last week when something happened (Le Frug has j’accused me of SITTING on the phone and breaking it! *growls*) and half of the touchscreen broke…Kelly, I had that phone for 3 years and kept it in perfect condition!  You had it for less than 3 weeks and it’s broken! *hiss*

Touchscreen cannot be fixed in such a old phone…so, lucky me,  I got a new Iphone 3GS!  11 said “um, Mom? Are you being like Joe and breaking stuff just to get something new?”  No! Of course not. *winks*

Check out my adorable Kate Spade case!

There’s a super cute Lilly case that I may need as well 😉


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