It’s the start of another f*ck me day!!

I’m sitting here at the bank, waiting for a customer service person. Why? (b/c honestly who goes into a bank these days?? *sigh*) Well, got our bank statement and the $100 check to the hardworking cleaning team was deposited as $700!! Hello???? Did the spelled out “ONE hundred dollars” not mean anything? Did the cleaning people really think we were so thrilled with them that the FRUG would given them a $600 tip????

Just wondering how much of my life will be lost to this f*ckup??

And in other joyous news, I got a lovely letter from the District of Columbia. It’s one of those uber shady mail tickets. They have a very pretty photo of my car and a close-up of my license plate. It claims that I was going 51 mph in a 40 mph zone. Some sort of camera/booby trap thing. I’m incensed by this. Its one thing if a cop pulls you over — okay, you’re legitimately “caught”…this “mail you a ticket thing” screams “SCAM” to me.

AND, further adding to the shady factor, it says “no points will be assigned to your license”…so, just pay us the $$$ and this will all go away, kwim??

I’m not a “fight the ticket” kind of gal. I’m usually like “okay, you’ve got me” kwim?? But this seems 150 shades of wrong to me. 150 b/c that how much the freaking ticket is!!!


Btw, still rotting in the lobby at the bank. FML.


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