A Summer Hygiene Issue

*sighs* I think I’ve used this forum to moan and whine about having a heat rash between the boobicles, right?  Walking the Black Beast in the heat, working out like an Olympic athlete *giggles*, all with the boobs smooshed into a sports bra…a breeding ground for ick. Le Frug says he can’t see it (hello? if you have your eyes glued to the IPad it’s difficult to see if my heat rash is visible!) but I know it is. That sh*t itches!

The other day when I was at the gym, sweating out the pink wine on the treadmill, the itchy rash started to act up…since one cannot scratch one’s inner boob area in public, I had to hop off the treadmill (boo! so sad! lol) and go to the locker room…I used some wet paper towels to mop up the excess moisture and soothe it and it felt goooood. I debated just bailing on the workout but knew that the beach was only a few days away…so, I rolled up a few tissues and inserted them neatly in between the squished boobs. It was a miracle!

What to call that helpful little roll that made it possible for me to workout without my copious sweat irritating my rash? Ashlee suggested ‘titpon‘ — like a tampon for your tits! Thoughts? It’s not the classiest name but hey…AND, as a bonus, “titpon” isn’t in the Urban Dictionary YET

My other idea (it’s a million $$ one so no copying!) is a shawow sports bra…supportive AND absorbent! Maybe with a little shamwow roll between the boobs to keep them dry and rash free?

This would go along with my entire Shamwow personal products idea…the shamwow panties for when it’s 110 degrees in DC and your girlie parts are a bit sweaty…not that MINE ever are, of course. j/s  The shamwow stuff could be used for all kinds of excessively moist areas. *winks*

Carry on!

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