Oh Frug, what can I do with you?

You will NOT believe the Frug’s latest transgression!

I have been a teeny tiny bit bitchy the past few days. I may not bleed more than a drop or 2 each month BUT I do get the rest of the fun PMS symptoms like sore boobs and general evil.

The following took place at around 5pm today:

Me: “So, it probably won’t surprise you that I just got my period.”

Frug: *looks thoughtful* “Does that mean the bloating will get better or worse?”

Me: *death glare*

Frug: “What?”

Almost 13 years of marriage and close to 17 years together. Surely that’s enough time to clue in and not say dickish things, right???

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4 thoughts on “Oh Frug, what can I do with you?

  1. hahahahahaha! you have no idea how much like Bob B.the dear frug is.However,the word “period” would have sent Bob to bed with an embarrassed headache for hours! Must be the Swede gene.

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