Waxing Wonder and Woes

I had a Brazilian by an actual Brazilian!! I was supposed to see my usual person but got a call that she was out of town and Mariana would be taking the appt or I could reschedule. Given the yeti-like lady business I was sporting, I took the sub! Imagine my joy when she turned out to be an actual Brazilian person! Sadly, she did not look like Gisele šŸ˜‰

It seems that different waxers have different techniques/use different wax, etc. This one uses “hard wax” all over the “area.” My regular person uses the typical wax that is spread on, cloth rubbed over it, then RIP. Hard wax is left on to harden/dry and then yanked off without a cloth strip thingy. She said it’s good for short, coarse hair…

The woman was thorough.. ’nuff said. Ahem.

Well, later in the day, I went tp my usual Mani/pedi place for the final parts of my Cougar Maintenance. I had left the underarms grow for about 5 days (cannot stand that feeling PLUS I have armpit issues) and that’s all I could take of it…I didn’t want to pay the expert person (at the fancy salon for equally fancy prices – see how frugal I am?) for mere armpits, kwim? They shouldn’t be difficult, right? Well, this is ME, so of course things don’t go smoothly. (punny) The hair wasn’t long enough (coulda fooled me-I was horrified by it!) so it didn’t all come off…so she started TWEEZING it. Sweet Baby Jesus. I think the next time the Frug makes a snotty comment about PMS puffiness I will tweeze his freaking underarm hair. It was slow torture. Ugh. I had to stop her after a bit. Just too much pain. And that’s saying something since I had just had the hair ripped outta my hoohah, kwim??

Later that day, I realize just how much pit hair is left. Too much. *sighs* I went out and bought the NADS hard wax. Btw, nads? Really?? Where the hell did they come up with that name? Nads = gonads = balls…not the obvious choice for a wax company…

Long story long…it was easy to use and it worked to get the rest of the underarm hair off! And, it was oddly satisfying. Like the joy I get out of using a Biore strip and seeing all those blackheads on it!! šŸ˜‰


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