Spotted–a Sea Hag and her family

It’s been a quiet week…hadn’t spotted and Hags o’the Sea til today! But it was a rare sighting…she wasn’t in her usual habitat (bar)…she was on the beach! She was a perfect specimen. Platinum blonde straw-like strands. Skin tanned over the years to luggage color and texture…Bikini. Skinny-fat due to diet of cigarettes and Natty Bo Light. Neon pink acrylic mails. Gold jewelry (ankle bracelet too, natch). Loud raspy voice due to the cigs. Textbook Sea Hag.

What made this sighting extra special was seeing her with her spawn. We need a name for a Sea Hag to-be. This woman’s daughter is well on her way. She had all the pre-Hag qualities (too tan, skanky ass bathing suit) but also had the personality of a rattlesnake, from what I, and the other onlookers, could tell. She was screeching at her very cute toddler…well, screeching interspersed with growling thru gritted teeth…the child didn’t want sunscreen on (imagine that? *rolls eyes*) and he was struggling to get away from her (the dad was probably right there with him, kwim? Lol) Anyway, it was quite a scene. And she ended up spanking the kid right there on the beach! It was only a quick 2 smack thing but was it was very telling, kwim? Ugh. I guess she’s less of a Sea Hag to be than just a bit WT?? *sighs*

In any event, it was a sight. You never know what you’ll see on the beach. It’s usually not good tho! And the Sea Hag family wasn’t pretty.


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