The answer is 7

Actually, the answer could be 8. Another answer that will be accepted is “too many.”

The question? “How many glasses of wine did Kelly drink last night?”


It was so much fun that today’s pain is almost worth it! Le Frug and I went to the Starboard in Dewey Beach to see my fav beach band “Lauralea and Tripp Fabulous”…they play all the good fun songs that have you singing the lyrics and bouncing up and down with joy! Hee hee It makes me feel young and wild and free. And I may have a teeny crush on the guitar player 

Sadly, mama is paying the price today with a headache that advil and diet coke cannot kill. I’m thinking I need grease?? Maybe some Thrasher’s fries? *drools*

No hair of the dog for me though!!

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One thought on “The answer is 7

  1. take it from a pro…..
    thrashers AND grottos pizza.
    and yes…little hair of the dog…COLD beer.
    you’ll be good to go.
    haha !
    xoxo !!

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