Adventures in Preteen Parenting

Nothing scandalous to report so far…hates giggly Justin Bieber obsessed girls from his class and only wants to play on his XBOX…all normal, right??  BUT the skin?? What to do for a 12 year old boy’s skin?? 12’s is fine…but I’m seeing some little whiteheads on his nose…which he will NOT let me pop (I know, I know you shouldn’t pick at them – but I can’t just let him walk around with a quivering whitehead that’s about to blow, kwim??)…and at the beach…was horrified…he had a little pimple in the crease of his nose (hate those!) and he had picked at it (Mama’s boy! lol)…anyway, I was talking to him about how to wash his face, etc.  Looked closer and was like “WTH?” He appeared to have have grains of sand embedded in the crease area…so, I told him to actually WASH his face and he was like “Uh Mom, that’s not sand”…his pores were so clogged that it looked like SAND!!!????  WTF?


So, how old does one have to be to use a Biore strip?? I’m hesitating to use one on him for a few reasons…1) he’s a boy and that might be emasculating (!) 2) they aren’t really blackheads (they are sand heads??) and 3) I made him use a zit cream on that one pimple and it was too harsh and it burned his skin to the point that he had a scab on his nose for the first day of school!


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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Preteen Parenting

  1. Get NELSONS BLEMISH GEL! Made in UK -it is fab. Lucinda recommended to me for old lady zits.I gave what I had to a 40 year old pregnant friend who had a third eye on her forehead the size of a quarter. Also great for bug bites .It works and will not burn skin.Good luck.Your fun is JUST beginning.

  2. preaching to the choir Kelly!! Bryan has the same problem…seemed to happen overnite too!! definltely can’t use the cream or the oxi-pads…I felt really bad after the 1st time and his skin was all red and sore! I buy any kind of gentle face wipes…he won’t take the time to use soap and water…but he can manage to wipe one of those across his face morning and night…seems to be helping but need to stay on top of it! (and sometimes I do just pop them!!) can’t stand the big ones!!

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