Jessica Simpson is in love AGAIN *sighs*

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica…will she ever learn? Always spouting off in the tabloids about how great her latest guy is, how perfect, etc. And then BAM, dumped!  (Or, as the Frug would have you believe, she gets FAT then dumped)

MichaelK from Dlisted has this to say:

But seriously, Jessica is still one of those girls who tell themselves they are happy by telling everyone about how happy they are. You know, that girl who is always saying shit in front of you like: “Look at my hot man eat that chicken fanger. Damn I’m lucky!”, “Look at my hot man work that remote control. Damn I’m lucky!”, “Look at my hot man throwing me a side-eye like he wants to choke my annoying ass out. Damn I’m lucky!” and “Look at my hot man carry all of his shit out of my house and into the trunk of his new girlfriend’s car outside. Damn I’m lucky!“.

Does He Have A Donut Crumb In His Nostril?.


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