Where is Kelly?

*sighs* I know, I know…I’ve been LAME this week! I’m busy ignoring the fact that 8 is turning 9 TOMORROW! I realized that last Saturday when he asked ‘so, who’s coming to my party?’ and I was like ‘party??’ F*ck me! 12 had decided to forgo a party in lieu of more loot so I just hadn’t thought about poor neglected Master 8. (Master 8 sounds a bit too much like masturbate! haha I’m a teenage boy)

Trying to throw together a party when he’s at a new school now where I know NO ONE…no email addresses, not even any last names…’I want to invite this kid Melvis who is in my Spanish class’…oookkkkaaaayyyy…and then there’s the rude factor of inviting people 5 days before the event…*sighs* I just pray someone shows up! lol

WIll be blogging later about what we got him for his bday…and no, not one toy. God forbid this child would ever want a freaking toy. A hint? Starts with an O and ends in a K. Kill.Me.Now.

Must go wrap somethings and bake a cake…



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