9’s bday gift(s)

So, my 8 just turned 9!  Honestly, it feels like just yesterday that I was confined to the hospital on bedrest…and then writhing in agony, bleeding to death…then wondering if the baby would die…on 9/11…good times…ANYWAY…

The child has a serious vacuum obsession, as you all know already.  That and general cleaning — including people who clean and are clean 😉 Oh, and Michael Jackson (clean theme is OVER apparently lol)…anyway, what to buy the child who does not want toys?  The child who does not like sports. The child who does not like video games. Seriously.  And he barely even watches TV. (he does like iCarly and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – I now sing that damn theme song in my sleep and fantasize about shaving their shaggy heads)

The only thing he asked for was the Oreck Edge:

The Oreck Edge™ offers unmatched versatility with a specially-designed, on-board Light Duty Quickwand™ cleaning tool that’s perfect for quick pickups. Simply turn the vacuum on, put the vac and its handle in a still, upright position, and suction will be automatically transferred to the Quickwand. So you can quickly clean above the floor as you go.

Yeah, all that for only $800. I don’t effing think so.

However, you don’t want to crush a child’s bday dreams, right?  So, despite how awful it may sound to the casual observer, we decided to go shopping at the Oreck store for our soon-to-be-9 year old’s birthday presents. Decided on this:

The Sweep N Go:

A Clean Sweep. For those times when a vacuum is too inconvenient and a broom is too time consuming, reach for the Oreck PR8000 Cordless Electric Broom!

The sales guy at the Oreck store was so nice and helpful. It felt so weird to go in and have the salesperson ask what you’re looking for and reply ‘oh, just looking for a new vacuum for my 8 year old!’ Anyway, he sold me the electric broom thingy…gave a nice little discount…and the more I told him about 8, the more he wanted to give me stuff! One freebie he gave me…and one I’m sure you have never heard of…it’s called ‘kapok‘ and they use it was a synthetic animal hair substitute as part of their demos!  8 found out about it when we were on vacation (visiting the Oreck store at the beach *sighs*)…so, the guy gave me a tub o’kapok…then, right before I left…he grabbed a box off a shelf and said ‘I know he can’t drive yet, but when he does, he can use this to keep his car clean’…and handed me this FOR FREE:

Auto Vac

Awarded 5 stars, rated “Best cleaning power ” and “Best buy ” by a leading auto journal.

A $40 value! Woot!  And, it works well – I know this b/c 9 cleaned the bejesus out of our cars on his birthday! 😉

The child also got an iPod (“pfft, I don’t really care about that’) and a docking alarm clock thing (again, utter crap)…

Wonder what I got for my 9th birthday.  I would imagine that I got socks (b/c what’s a birthday without nice new socks? *snort*) and probably a book and maybe an acrylic hat/scarf combo.  So, birthdays are the same as ever, right? #spoiledchildren


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