New Shape Ups!

The one on the right is from the pair I wore for a year…compare it to the brand new shoe on the left!!!  Even Dr. Frugenstein cannot deny that I needed new sneaks!

Dilemma…what is a casual shoe, closed toe possibly, that can be worn with jeans and capri length pants for fall?? Something that would be worn in lieu of flip flops?  So, definitely casual…but not a sneaker…with longer jeans, it’s boots obviously…but, I have a pair of slouchy boyfriend-ish jeans that are rolled up at the cuff and have no idea what kind of shoe one wears. A flip flop would work for now but what about when the weather turns colder???


**editing back in…LMac asked if I am opposed to ‘cute ballet flats’ and the answer is YES, I am violently opposed to them!  (for me, not for others) A) thicker legged gals like myself look tres stocky in flats like that and B) they are bad for your feet! No arch support!


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