Blah Blah Blech

Am looking so BLAH these days!  Didn’t get too tan this summer (thanks SPF 70!) but my hair did fade a bit, despite the hair sunscreen (which got a “WTH?” from the Frug and the bandana hair coverup which got a “WTH?” from the entire beach)…so, my face and hair are sort of a beigey greenish gray. Gorgeous. *snorts* Everything is sort of blending together…hair, face…rendering me pretty much invisible. Which is sometimes exactly what I’m hoping for!  lol  Anyway, the face has some adorable brown splotches…again, they are cute freckles on a kid (my Irish child 9 has a smattering of them across his nose and they are too freaking CUTE!)…on an adult female? Hello AGE SPOTS.  I did spend all last Fall/Winter trying to rid myself of them…and they did fade a tad…only to rebound with a vengance the second the summer sun hit ’em (they defy all sunscreen, the wily bastards).

Anyway, off to fix the hair issue today. Saying sayanara to the gray roots and maybe having him do something different with the color. Not sure what. Don’t necessarily want darker, even though it’s Fall now. Maybe some lighter pieces around my face? And more contrast…feeling like it’s all one color. One blah boring color. UGH.

And another thing…ever notice how old peoples’ faces are all bunched together? Like their noses and mouths are one unit? I’ve watched a friend of a friend’s face slowly become like his father’s…his nose has migrated a bit south (or did it grow??) and his mouth/chin are going north toward the nose…ANYWAY, my point? I saw a picture of myself from a few months ago and my face looked ‘off’…and I saw that there was a strange shadow over my teeth…what caused the shadow?? My NOSE! *shriek* I think it’s growing!  Or that my nose/mouth are coming together…my grandmother had a nose that would dip into her glass as she drank! (like one of those tipping bird things, remember those?)  *wails*

I’m worried that I’m becoming on of those apple dolls that we made in elementary school…

See how her hair and skin blend together, necessitating the ton of ‘rouge’ on the cheeks? And see her nose/mouth/chin??  WAH!!!!!!!  Nooooooo!!!

Mama needs some wine…


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