Well, I’m shocked and thrilled to report that, so far, I am h-a-p-p-y with my hair! My guy, who sadly had a bit of the “bad breath and ass” smell again, did a couple of colors today to add “contrast” (so, basically highlights and lowlights)…and the base is the usual dark blonde (that’s the part that covers the #%<@$& gray roots)…the thing that I forgot about that makes a big difference is the eyebrow dye. It's a shade darker than my base (could possibly be my "natural color" whatever the he'll that may be! Lol)…anyway, the brow color helps with the washed out/invisible face issue.

And I got it cut too! My guy doesn't cut hair so I've bounced from person to person at the salon b/c no one can cut it correctly–more than once. Why???? The last cut has taken me 2 months to grow out. That, if you recall, was the "just a trim" that ended in a shaggy Rachel from Friends in 1994. I hate HATE when my hair is cut short around my face…so I say "please do NOT cut it short around my face" and they hear "cut it short around my face"…my face is square and manly and it looks worse with the shortness! Then I have to straighten it and mess with it more b/c of the shortness which damages it and leads to needing more cutting! FML.

Anyway, the newest hair cutter guy managed to LISTEN to me and he just basically skimmed the nasty ends off the hair around my face and then d's some reshaping of the long layers in the back. AND he managed to blow it dry without making it poofy and flipped up on the bottom. Seriously, every time I have it blown out (which I rarely do now b/c they eff it up!) it ends up all flipped up! I hate that!!! Again, I tell the person "it wants to flip up on the ends and I want it either UNDER or STRAIGHT" and they hear "flipped UP" *grumble*

Anyway, he cut it and blew it dry in such a way that it almost seems longer! *purring*

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One thought on “Success!

  1. You’ve inspired me. Just made an appointment for today.
    But think I’ll have my stylist repeat what I tell her. Just to make sure she heard me correctly…


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