Nicest Surprise

Last night was a super fun night of Homework Help with 9. You see, when your child cannot write, who writes for him? You guessed it! ME. Last night’s homework was especially painful…one of the items for Math Homework was a math game…a game that required someone (ME) to cut approximately 50 game cards, dig up game “chips”, find dice, set up the board, move 9’s game piece for him each time, help him figure out the math part of it, write down the steps on the “Game Record”, etc. Have I mentioned how much I DESPISE games?  UGH. And, I hate games that come in a box, ready to go…games that I have to basically create myself are a special form of torture. Thanks, 3rd Grade Teacher! *growls*

And that was just one part of his 8 different ‘things’ he had for homework. As they get older, they are supposed to need less and less help…well, with the lack of fine motor skills, 9 will always needs someone’s help. And, again, by someone, I mean ME. It’s my cross to bear and I really should just STFU** about it…he’s a lucky kid…I’m a lucky mama…S-T-F-U.

So, we’re upstairs working on the ‘word sort’ and ‘type words 2x’ thing when I hear banging and clanging coming from the kitchen…normally I would scream ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON DOWN THERE?’ but I decided to be Zen and just let the Frug deal with whatever it was…

When I came downstairs later…what did I find? A clean kitchen! Like really clean. The Frug and 12 cleaned up after dinner…unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, and cleaned the counters! With actual cleaning products! The place looked and smelled clean!

And I didn’t have to ask them!  The Frug saw me struggling to keep it together w/the _)@$*U&( homework and he thought it might be nice to clean the kitchen for me. *swoons*

I think I’m in love!

**STFU means ‘Shut The F*ck Up’ just in case you didn’t know! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Nicest Surprise

  1. The homework is HELL! My most hated ever when my kids were little was the dreaded SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT THAT NEVER WORKED.Never fall prey to the LEMON POWERED BATTERY scam. Numerous trips to hardware store and many tears. Then my second fav was the International fair days when the child was to make an authentic dish from assigned country.Did the child make the dish? You guess. There was the potato omelet from Spain ( Jul ) – recipe provided by teacher- that was a burned up greasy mess and the forgettable Swedish Linzer torte cookies with raspberry filling that had to be thrown out – bought Pepp farm ones and my son was horrified.But, hey it was 2nd grade and I think he has forgotten the episode or is scarred for life and will put me in the home soon… You will get through it .

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