Trying out a new product!

Other people might be out carrousing on a Friday night. Not me! Have been nursing a nasty cold for the past couple of days…and we don’t have a sitter til tomorrow night…and it’s a good way to keep the family away from me (scaredy cats!)…and I just NEEDED to try this!



So, I’m trying out the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask!  Here are the deets:

Luminizing Black Mask

What it is:
A groundbreaking, mineral-rich “peel-off” mask that delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects.

What it is formulated to do:
This innovative treatment dramatically improves skin clarity, radiance, and texture. The unique peel-off action offers gratifying physical exfoliation—as you peel, you actively remove dirt, toxins, and dead skin layers. Exceptional deep-cleansing and exfoliation draw out impurities, bacteria, and excess oil, refining and minimizing pores. Recover smooth, even skintone as pre-existing melanin levels diminish, fading the appearance of dark spots. Inflammation, roughness, lines, and wrinkles fade, revealing younger-looking skin.

I put it on about 10 minutes ago and am letting it dry…from the product description and “promises” I should look like a new woman in about 10 more minutes! *snorts derisively*

Wish me luck!

***Editing back in…*sighs* My skin feels smoother…but illuminated? Not so much. I have to say that the peeling off process was a bit painful. And I like that. Very satisfying. Maybe it takes more than one time to be luminous?  Or perhaps at 44 my luminous skin days are long gone???


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