Programming Note

Well, further proof that  God hates me (and I wonder why???), the local school has given me a gift. The gift of having my precious angel 9 home with me. Home until…wait for it…October 18th. Say it with me F-M-L.

Perhaps he’ll want to spend his time reading quietly in his room? Ha! Or even sitting slack jawed in front of the television for hours? Nope. If today’s any indication, the next two weeks are going to be spent having my ears gnawed on by the Patron Saint of Perpetual Questions…

*heavy sigh*

I love how inquisitive he is. I do. But, the questions he asks have no answers. Many of them start “Mom, why does God do xxxxx….?” Am I God? How the heck should I know?  Or “How many of xxx are there?” (usually asking how many children are in a class in a different grade/school than he is) Again, how the heck should I know? (and you know I do not care!)  And then there are the “Whys?” *grumbles* Today he had a few questions that could actually be answered thru the miracle of Google…so, ever helpful mama, I said “why don’t you Google it?” (this generation’s version of the “Look it up!” that I got from my mother!)  He said NO. He doesn’t even care what the answers are…he just wants to drive me bonkers by asking the ?s. Diabolical.

I hope to spend time ignoring him and doing some writing (one post I’m thinking about is my Love/Hate with the month of September…it’s October so it’ll be timely)…and then there’s the dragging of the child on countless errands…perhaps time will pass quickly??

Yeah…because I’m just that lucky. *sighs*

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