The Answer is $169.45

The question?? How much does it cost when you have to take the freaking dog to the vet!??!!!

Let me back up. Otis was his usual ravenous self yesterday morning. Ate his food and stole some pancakes from 9. Standard stuff. Went out to the backyard for his post-breakfast dump. (really envious of the dog’s regularity) I, shockingly, decided to do some HOUSEWORK…

The Frug yelled down the stairs “Cow?! Come look at Otis!” I growled but complied…the one time I’m actually doing something productive and he interrupts me! ($&@)(&

The Black Devil looked dreadful. One eye swollen like a prizefighter!! Pathetic bunny. Had his usual hungry and pathetic look on his face. Couldn’t tell what happened but we assumed Fiona had sliced his eye. *sighs* Why can’t they be friends?? Or even just quietly hate each other without the violence??

Anyway, 9 and I took Otis to the vet…which is always fun. He is a MANIAC there. 105 lbs of bouncing Lab, ready to play with the staff (aka leap on them and lick their faces) and eat every treat in the place. So proud.

Long story short, the Black Beast was stung by a bee! Not only was his eye swollen but his lip and whole left side of his face!! Quick shot of benadryl and a steroid and he was good to go! (All this for only $170!  And now I’m wondering if there is a canine epi pen??? And do we need it? And how much would it cost???? )

Well, he was all fixed up but until not after he had made a spectacle of himself. Took 2 large Samoan-looking guys to hold him down to get the exam done and do the shots. One would think he would have been cowed by all this…nope. He loooooved it. In fact, 9 pointed out “Mom, why is his rocket out?” Sweet Jesus, the entire thing was OUT, like on the floor…red and glistening…*shudders* I.hate.doggy.dicks!!! Eeuuwww!!!

Happy Wednesday to you! lol

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One thought on “The Answer is $169.45

  1. OMG!! Laughing picturing this! Can’t you just give him regular people benadryl? My boys call dog d*cks “tube of lipstick” Gross!

    BTW…I’ll make you feel a little better…it took about $1,000 for us to finally figure out that Mason (yellow lab) has a sensitive stomache. WTF?? I was told I should boil him some chicken and serve it with rice. ummmm….I barely cook for my kids!!!! The dog better like some nice senior dog food from Giant!!

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