Hair F*ckery

Honestly, WHY WHY WHY do I do the things I do?? Got my haircut ($70!!!) a month ago…the bangs are too long now. They weren’t actual “bangs”…just the casually “side swept”‘ bangs.  Anyway, they are too long to do anything now other than find themselves tucked behind my ears (exposing the Spock ear *sighs*) or shellacked back when I am invariably wearing a ponytail. I used to love slicking it all back like that and now it just makes me feel exposed, kwim? (the wrinkles and age spots out for the whole world to see and mock *sighs)

So, what’s a girl to do? Bangs too long and hair person 20 miles away…my usual response is to hack the bejesus outta them myself!  And then what?  Well, after the inevitable CRYING, I would find myself back in the hairdresser’s chair for the fixup…and shorter hair all around. So, I decide, the spur of the moment (cue foreboding music), to go into the Hair Cuttery…b/c how bad could it be? (hhhhmmmm, that music just got louder)

They offer a “Rescue Package” for $28 (Frug Approved!) that is a haircut, deep conditioning treatment, and a blow dry.   Perfect!  My person seemed quite sweet. Lovely black naturally curly hair. Anyway, I sat down in the chair and tell her that I just need the bangs trimmed, not a full cut.  “Oh, well, the bang trim is $5, the deep conditioner is $16, and the blow dry is $16″…hmmm, okay…“But, I’d like the $28 package that includes all that but only cut the bangs”“oh, we can’t do that…I’d have to cut all of the hair”…ooookkkaaaayyyy…so, I can either let this person give me a haircut (NFW, baby) for the “special” price or pay more for the bang trim which is all I really need. Why is this difficult? $28 for the whole head but if you just want bangs, I can’t give you the deal and you need to pay $37 b/c it’s all individually priced. GAH!

Being the evil spendthrift that I am, I opted for the higher priced service versus taking the huge risk of letting this Hair Cuttery chica cut all of my hair!  (been down that road before and had the asymmetrical bob to show for it!)

Long story short, kinda…bang trim appeared to go well…but I noted she seemed tentative which always freaks me out. I like my hair people to be more commanding, kwim? Washed the hair, complimented my Latisse lashes (scored a few points there!), applied conditioning treatment and let it bake in, under the dryer. (I like that…I like to think the heat makes it better, don’t you?)

Rinse and off to blow it dry. How is this difficult??  She was awful at the blow dry. *I* can dry it better than she could. And I am NOT good at it!  So, the kicker? The final insult?? She said “You know, your hair is curly (no, it is NOT!!! *shrieks*) and there is an additional charge for that”…WTF? Luckily, she added “but I won’t charge you for it this time”…and there won’t be a next time, baby.

Lesson learned? I sure hope so…


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