Why do I care??



Seriously, why do I care that these 2 are splitting?? Is it b/c they got married just after the Frug and I did? Is it b/c she was on Friends and I loved that show? B/c she and Jennifer Aniston are besties and you know that I love Jen??? Or, is it b/c we’re pretty much the same age?

I have no idea why. But I do care. And I’m sad! They didn’t seem like “The Perfect Couple” at all.  But they seemed like 2 goofy and, dare I say, normal people (normal for Hollywood, kwim?  I’m not that naive!)  They weren’t always in the press saying those icky celebrity couple quotes”oh, he’s my soul mate’ and ‘we’re so happy and wonderful’ all the time…Not posing for People Magazine, being show offy, kwim? *sighs*

Another one bites the dust.  I wonder if she and Jen will be out prowling together??? (A Frug fantasy! lol)

News – David Arquette and Courteney Cox Split – Celebrity News – UsMagazine.com.


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