An Angel Turns 25

My sweet, innocent, adorable Ashlee is 25 today!  EEEKKKK! Where did the time go? I was 19 and a sophomore in college when she was born!! And now I’m only 30 and she’s 25…how is that possible? *giggles*

My New Yorker niece is probably going to be out on the town til dawn…hope she’s not going to do anything I wouldn’t do…lol

Here’s a quick pic (from a few years ago) of the angel and her puppy…note that poor Chia is quite well groomed.  Who knew that doggies could get Brazilians? lol

Happy Birthday Ashlee!! *kisses*

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One thought on “An Angel Turns 25

  1. What your and Frug’s daughter woulda looked like…your pretty face with Frug’s dark hair. Seriously.

    I met Ash at your wedding….and that’s how I’ll always picture her….NOT 25 and clubbin it up in NYC all night long.

    HAPPY 25th Ashlee !!!! 🙂

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