One Highlight from Last Week

Got to have lunch with “Debbie”! (btw, don’t forget I just suffered thru enjoyed 2 weeks of “Mommy and 9 time” so I’ve been like a caged animal. A caged animal who has been talked to death.) We have had it on the calendar for a month now. How sad is that?? For a simple lunch!  Geez. Anyway, it’s always nice to have plans that force me to actually shower and put non-workout clothes on!

So, I shower and get dressed…don’t dry my hair b/c I like to air dry it when it’s not Date Night…b/c who cares about my hair being straightened, right? Hmph. Running late as always…pop my head into the Frug’s office…

Me: Hey, I’m off to meet Debbie for lunch!

The Frug: *laughing* Like that? *incredulous look on face*

Me: *baleful glare*

The Frug: Well, your hair is wet and you have that weird top on.

Me: *death rays* *stomp out of house*

*growls*  Men!!! I air dry my hair and then do a low ponytail. Perfectly acceptable for a casual lunch, dammit.  And my “weird top”?? A super cute slate blue cardigan from Banana Republic with a little ruffley type thing down the front (made it dressier, kwim?!) (I didn’t wear a belt tho)

Well, at least it gave me a ‘starter topic’ for lunch! You know like “OMFG! You will NOT believe what the Frug just said to me!!” Anyway, it was just great to be around one of my old besties. It feels like I have LDRs* with all of my special friends. Having a bday dinner with the Tinas seems to take an Act of Congress to schedule. A simple lunch? At least a month’s notice required. Makes me sad and mad. *sighs*

Tell me it’s like this for everyone…please?

*LDR – Long Distance Relationship

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3 thoughts on “One Highlight from Last Week

  1. It’s like that for everyone! Although I am getting ready to entertain Tina on my couch momentito!! Can’t remember the last time I had lunch with a friend. Sucks!

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