Progress on 12’s Skin!

Boy, am I enjoying this! I love gross things…poop, snot, pimple popping…sign me UP!

I blogged about the condition of 12’s nose after our summer vacation…blackheads so large they looked like grains of sand under the skin! *shudders* Tried the usual scrubs and extra cleansing to no avail. Decided to break out the big guns – Biore Stripped him! lol (bless his grouchy little heart – he seems to enjoy all of this…special Mommy and Son time? lol) Still not enough though…the Biore Strip got a little bit out but not the big bad ones.  (btw, do you love or do you LOVE Biore Strips?! I love seeing all the ick from my pores on those little white nose strips. The Frug and I call them “trees” b/c they look like little trees made of solid oil! eeeuuuuwwww!)

So, what to do??? I had a 20% off coupon for Sephora…went browsing online…found a new Wonder Product! Dr. Brandt Pores No More  Vacuum Cleaner (yes, 9 would love this product too – vacuum!)

What it is formulated to do:
Dr. Brandt pores no more® vacuum cleaner™ helps loosen blackheads by absorbing dirt and excess oil. The complexion is left smooth, clear, and refined.

Sounded gimmicky to me…AND where is the vacuum??? It’s just a mask that you put on the nose (or wherever) and rinse off. Well, one of the reviewers on Sephora (who sounded like a complete product junkie – LOVE!) shared her whole procedure…first wash…apply the Dr. Brandt Pores No More…rinse off…apply Biore Strip…and then…use the blackhead remover tool!

I’ve only recently become able to use this scary looking tool…but it WORKS like nothing else. So, poor 12…I did all 3 of the steps (wash, mask, Biore Strip)…then I asked him if I could use the tool on him. YES! Well, let me tell you…so much crap came out of that nose!  Exciting times! Even he was like “Hey, let me see that!” So, after torturing him (little tears in the corners of his eyes!), I used some Sea Breeze to disinfect and close the pores.

I think I missed my calling! 😉

Here are some disgusting videos. (Jen, you enjoyed these, right?! *cackles*) Lost at least 30 minutes of my life yesterday watching this stuff (never Google “blackhead remover” and go to the You Tube results!)


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