Holy CRAP!

It’s NOVEMBER! Seriously, how did that happen?? I’m still drafting a “My Love/Hate Relationship with September” post!

Back to School – over…Parent/Teacher Conferences – almost over (next week for 12)…anniversary – OVER…Marta and Stacey and Kathie’s bdays – OVER (consider this your official Bday shoutout! lame – sorry!)…Halloween – OVER!

Less than 2 months til Christmas. *shrieks*

This ‘time flying’ business is part of being old, right? *sighs*

One quick funny from last night…

12: “Uh, Mom” (all convos begin with “Uh” and are peppered with “Uhs” and “Ums”-irritating!) “So, if you’re going to steal candy, take it from 9’s stash, okay? He has more to spare than I do.”

Me: *blinks innocently* “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” *purses lips primly*


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