Mars and Venus Halloween Edition

Whew! Halloween is ovah! (and, Hey treadmill, my old friend!)

The Frug and I went to a costume party again this year. These people go all out for this party– you do NOT show up in your regular clothes and kitty ears for this one. So, the stess of “What to Wear?” begins the moment the Evite hits your inbox! ¬†About a month and a half ago, we watched A Single Man. So good. Colin Firth and Julianne Moore (breathtakingly gorgeous as always, damn her!) Set in the early 60s. Reminded me (visually/costumes) of Catch Me if You Can (Leonardo DiCaprio, 60s con man). Long story long, we decided on some sort of 60s/70s themed costumes.

I did web research. Went to 4 different party/costume stores. Tried on a bunch of costumes before deciding on the “groovy girl” dress and boots. The hair? Bought those “BumpIt” things to give my hair some height (btw, BumpIts actually work and are easy to use! Obvs not an everyday look but I would use them again!). Had to style it loose and full. My hair said “F U Kelly.” Freaking hair — usually it WANTS to be big and I have to subdue it. *growls* Took forevah!! Makeup? Studied pix of models/actresses from that era–orangey bronzer, black thick winged eyeliner, pale lips. I started getting ready at 4 for an 8 o’clock party.

The Frug went out on Saturday at 2pm and came home an hour later with a bagged costume, wig, faux ‘stache. He walked the dog, took a nap, jumped in the shower at 6:30. Took him maybe 30 minutes to get his costume on. Looked fabulous.


*growls* It’s just not fair! *stamps foot* Seriously, if a woman went out on the Saturday before Halloween looking for a costume it would be utter fail. It would mean either kitty ears OR faking illness, kwim?

*sighs* Let it go, Kel.

**side note–the Frug called out to me the other day when he had his speech-to-text program open. It heard “Cal” for “Kel”…Cal – Cow…see?!!!

***another side note…don’t we look a little like extras from Boogie Nights? lol The Frug as a Hispanic Dirk Diggler and I’m a less radiant and dishwater blonde Amber Waves…

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2 thoughts on “Mars and Venus Halloween Edition

  1. It was a fun party! Wish more people took pictures. I think it may have been the Red drink (grain alcohol) she served. Lethal!!!

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