Notes to My Younger Self

Twitter was on fire today with #tweetstomy16yearoldself.  So many funny and wise comments flying around the internet. Like ‘your boyfriend was late for your date on Xmas Eve 1985 b/c he was doing some other chick’ and ‘do NOT get into that car’ and ‘you meet your future husband at McDonald’s’ (lol)  Got me thinking about things I wish I had known way back in my teens and even into my 20s. I have a fun list going in my head. Not all are clean enough to be shared publicly tho 😉 *grins* However I do realize that making mistakes is part of growing up, gives you character yada yada yada…character schmaracter.

Stop wearing sexless LLbean clothes and gigantic flowered jumpers–your body won’t ever be that tight again so show it off!!!

You are supposed to have one eyebrow, not two.

No one notices the Spock ear until you point it out.

Tan is NOT beautiful…wear sunscreen and, for the love of God, stay out of those tanning beds!

Despite what your cheerleading coach tells you, you are not a “Big Girl.”

Do go abroad junior year in college…your boyfriend can cheat on you whether you’re in Paris or DC…and cheerleading is NOT a reason not to go.

Don’t always be snarky and sarcastic…sincere is a nice alternative…

Quirky and neurotic may never be  *in* but there will be people who “get you” someday…and, there will be movies like “When Harry Met Sally” and tv shows with weird neurotic lead characters like “Ally McBeal”

You always choose the “bad boy” aka the cheating pigdog–give the nice guys a chance!

Learn how to balance a checkbook.

Being the sloppy roommate isn’t cool. Clean your shit up.

Spend time with people who actually love you, not ones who you want to love you.

Relax and stop worrying about life. Your mom says “things happen for a reason” b/c they do, not just to irritate you. See also “there are more fish in the sea” and “this too shall pass”…

Spent more time with your parents b/c you’ll miss the shit outta them when they’re gone.  And, they will be gone way before you’re ready.

Credit cards are the enemy.

A credit limit is a LIMIT not a GOAL.

Learn how to type. Not so you can be some clown’s secretary…so that you can email your friends and update your Facebook page faster. lol and yet not kidding.

You won’t get married and become a trophy wife when you graduate from college at age 22. You’ll have to work and it’ll suck but deal with it!!

Employers tend to frown on being late, personal phone calls and polishing your nails in your cubicle.

You will hate beer but will marry a guy who works for a brewery. No really.

Girlfriends. Cherish them.

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