Saturday Night at The Four Seasons in DC

So typical of my ADD…started this post 2 weeks ago. TWO!?! *sighs* I’ll pretend that a) this is all relevant and b) people care! lol

Had the most fun Friday night!  We went out BIG for Bob’s um 30th bday!  *winks* His lovely wife Fawn (she of the Christian Louboutin black pumps that I have yet to see) invited a group of us to the Four Seasons in DC for dindin at Bourbon Steak! It’s fancy. Which put me into a tailspin of WTF to wear, kwim? The Frug said ‘oh, just wear jeans and a fancy top’…I asked Robin who said “Are you kidding? Jeans at the Four Seasons?!” This is why one must cherish the girlfriends. I would have spent an entire evening a) looking just wrong and b) resenting the bejesus outta the Frug!

Now, this is on Date Night…this means the attire must be DateWithFrug approved…meaning on the slutty side. Had to balance his love o’slutwear with propriety, dress codes, and the law. haha —  kidding about the law.

Decided on a non-slutty leather skirt (they exist, I swear! It was about 2 inches above the knee – tres conservative!), black turtleneck (Honestly, what’s not to love about the black turtleneck?! I love BTN Season. It’s Winter Uniform for me…dress it up, dress it down!), and my booties that I flove. I have worn them 4 times now…and the freaking Cost Per Wear is still over $35…not Frug Approved at all…

Started out with cocktails at their outdoor area…it was f-r-i-g-id…and I wasn’t wearing much lol…however, they had those awesome heat lamps and fire pits…if only I had worn those damn jeans! The waitress came over to take our drink order…I ordered my $20 glass of Prosecco *rolls eyes* and when she asked ‘can I get you anything else?’ I said ‘yeah, a blanket!’…and she brought me one!!!! Joy! It was one of those awesome NAP type ones from Brookstone…uber fluffy and cozy and warm. I could have stayed there all night! Seriously, my favorite part of the night!

Dinner was a blur of red meat and more and more wine. I do recall see very scantily clad women…and I SWEAR they were for sale! Seriously! They were wearing black dresses that barely covered their hoohahs and high black boots and were laughing loudly at whatever the OLD MEN they were with said. Ick. Hot, sluttily attired girls with Old Men = Hookers. Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, a great night out. I want to go there again!! Just for that blanket alone 😉 Sadly, it is NOT Frug approved for a regular evening out. Le sigh. I guess that’s why they are called Special Occasions, right?

So, below is my outfit! Have you ever played on So so so fun! You search for outfits and put them together, like Colorforms in a way or like a virtual barbie doll?? I was able to find a skirt like I wore that night, a similar turtleneck and the actual Miss Sixty booties! Love it!




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