Spanx for Men?

(Thanks to Kellie for the linkage)

Um, eeuuww. Spanx for Men? Spanx for Women are bad enough. False advertising, baby. Am I right or am I right? Can you imagine kissing/hugging some guy and then realizing he has a man girdle on!?!  Ick.  Anyway…

I saw the tee shirt first. I get it…let’s smooth out those love handles. For $55-$78 though? Not Frug approved. And the tee makes me think of my boys’ Halloween costumes with the fake Hulk muscles, kwim? I’m pretty sure the shirt doesn’t give you pecs/abs like this guy’s. Sorry, Fatties.

Then, I saw the Spanks Manties. Ahem. As with most models, this guy doesn’t need help. C’mon. Look at him. Again.  (and side note, what’s with the pointy end on his peen?? What IS that?)

Um, where was I?

Ahem. I have to say, most guys don’t need help with their hips/butt/thighs. So, what are these chonies all about? (pssst, first time I’ve used the word chonies. Feeling very urban cool *giggles*)

Innovative 3D pouch creates air circulation and reduces irritation in chafe-prone zones; ideal for travel!

Well, hell…I would hope the pouch was 3D. If your peen is 2D, that’s a problem. *snorts* All for only $38 – $48! Are they made of GOLD?! Jeez Louise. I’m a spender but that’s a lot of coin.

I know we’re supposed to be all PC but I’m sorry – Spanx for Men? That’s one of the gayest things I’ve ever seen. Not manly at all. Yuck.

That is all.

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