Inauspicious beginning

Any day that begins with me on my back with my legs up in stirrups can only get better, right?

So glad the awful gyno violation is only once a year. I get myself all worked up and sweaty over it. Was tempted to cancel it but decided to be mature and get it over with.

Gotta say I love my new doc. (this is the one who did the sent-from-God endometrial ablation for me when my other doc said ‘no, but we can remove your uterus for you instead’) Her office is quiet, not too crowded. And, get this–I was in and out (haha) in 30 minutes!

Things I can be grateful for:

  • Small hands
  • No comment about the porn star-esque grooming on a 44 year old mom of 2 *giggles*
  • Didn’t over crank the speculum (again, previous docs have done the click click CLICK and I am left laying there wondering just how much  more I can be opened)
  • Didn’t venture into the old Exit Only (this has only happened one time – the doctor is like ‘and now…‘ and went in the back door!)  *shrieks*

Minor annoyances:

  • The scale is in the bathroom. Why?!! Part of me liked that it was private…but, it’s the BATHROOM! Unmentionable things happen in there! Lol
  • The nurse announced my weight! I was standing on the scale with my eyes SHUT for a reason, missy!

Anyway, got out of there with some of my dignity intact…

So, decided to actually get some important stuff done…and I did!


Ordered the Christmas cards!!!  A Christmas miracle!  It’s only November 22nd!! Don’t have to do the “Happy New Year” cards this year!  The Frug is quite pleased with my initiative and work ethic today >;-)

So, despite the unpleasant start to the day, I can feel very good about my Monday!


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