*singing* It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…

…time to freaking PANIC!

It’s November 29th…according to this Christmas countdown timer thingy, Christmas is 25 days, 13 hours etc away. I prefer to just say 26 days. Even so – Holy Crap!

Just got back from our Thanksgiving whirlwind o’travel fun. Which means I am BURIED in laundry…but this is nothing new. Sadly, due to my slacker ways, the “travel laundry” pile is on top of the older Kelly-is-a-lazy-ass laundry pile. *sighs*

Just looked at the calendar…biz biz bizzy! We have 3 Christmas parties this year!  Which I am p-s-y-c-h-e-d about actually. (head-in-sand about attire, etc but that’s par for the course) This is the most we’ve had scheduled in a long time. It makes the Frug so happy to have plans…he’s a social beast…I like it but there’s a part of me that would like to be in my Snuggie all December long.

Of course, it’s not all parties on the calendar…there are dental appts, eye exams, mama needs her mammogram, holiday parties at the kids’ schools, 9’s various regularly scheduled therapy appts and his nightly homework stress, 12 has homework and projects (boy, do I love that he doesn’t need or even want my help anymore – which is not to say that I don’t have to listen to his complaints tho), Boy Scouts, and CYO basketball is starting (I actually LOVE this)…

And, we have decorations to put up (when and where to buy the tree this year?! eeek), carpets need cleaning, gifts to buy, cookies to bake…oh, gotta hit the GYM and walk the ever-needy Black Beast…

The kick-in-the-teeth me? 9 is done w/school as of 12/16. THE SIXTEENTH! *shrieks* What kind of parent-torture is THIS? 12 is done at 11:30am on the 22nd…Now THAT’S more like it.

*heart pounding*

So, I’ve been doing my housework today and writing and researching Xmas gifts…which is hard when I have no clue what anyone wants…other than that 9 would love another Oreck…this time he wants the $800 model. “Or the Tinas can buy it for me!”, he says!  *sighs*  Btw, the Frug wanted Black Friday to be a “Come Drop Off All Your Useless Crap Day” but it’s not as catchy…


I want to sing a holiday panic song but I’ve having trouble with the lyrics. Here’s what I have so far:

*sing to the tune of Jingle Bells*

Holy Shit! Holy Shit!



*sing to the tune of It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas AND Jingle Bells*

“It’s beginning to look a lot like…Holy Shit! FML! I have too much to do…”

Yeah, I’m not much of a songwriter.  Someone help a sistah out.


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